Gemini Therapeutics is pioneering solutions based on precision medicine in diseases such as dry AMD where there have never been precision medicines before. 

Redefining Disease

Common but vaguely defined heterogeneous diseases like dry AMD affect millions of people around the world.  Precision medicine allows us to divide these patients into high-risk genetically defined subpopulations for the first time. 

We identify commonalities through genetics and biology to better understand which patients are at higher risk and may share genetic or biological characteristics. Based on this knowledge, we can identify genetic variants that lead us to redefine subpopulations of patients suffering from diseases including AMD, the number one cause of irreversible blindness in the U.S. and the EU.

Many patients and their physicians are unaware that they are members of a subpopulation at high risk. Gemini Therapeutics is addressing this significant medical need through the development of innovative molecular biology and custom diagnostics.

We integrate genetic, biology, and clinical information to provide unprecedented insight into the high-risk, genetically defined subpopulations present within common complex ocular diseases. We use a suite of techniques to identify, functionally evaluate and characterize genetic variants associated with retinal diseases to define their role in disease pathogenesis.  This includes custom genetic assays, novel biomarkers, and the CLARITY1 registry and the CLARITY2 natural history study.

Multimodal Medicine

Our multimodal product engine identifies the most effective medical modalities to drug each prioritized target variant. Because our primary focus is to drug the target, not to advance a specific technology, we have carefully selected a panel of therapeutic modalities well-suited to each target that human genetics has defined for us. This strategy has resulted in a broad and diverse pipeline, including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins and gene therapies. Our research with repeat dose candidates also suggests potential advantages to developing multiple modalities.

Our Organic Pipeline

Through a deeper understanding of disease, we have identified dozens of therapeutic candidates for indications within dry AMD. 

Some targets also present in related diseases and result in the potential to grow our pipeline organically by applying our insights in genetics and biology to linked disorders. Our goal is to develop and deliver first-in-class medicines to restore regulation of the complement system in the eye and throughout the body.