Therapeutic Approach

Our approach evaluates the most effective therapeutic modality for each variant. The experience of our employees across a range of platform technologies including recombinant protein, gene therapy and antibodies gives us the confidence to approach the scientific challenge each target represents and use the right tool or tools for the job.

Technology Agnostic

Our philosophy is that the best way for us to identify our drug targets is to define genetic variants in patients at highest risk. We validate our targets genetically and then use wet lab research to quantify and define the defect at a functional level. Once we have identified the problem, we explore multiple relevant technologies—antibody, recombinant protein, or gene therapy—to develop drug candidates to address the specific problem.

Our investment in pursuing this approach provides flexibility in the development of drug candidates which specifically compensate for the effect of defined genetic variants. This provides Gemini with an inherently integrated pipeline of therapeutic candidates. Redefining major diseases through precision genomics and using a modality agnostic approach provides Gemini Therapeutics with a robust methodology for delivering precision medicines to sub-populations with unmet medical needs.

Through the process of identifying targets of interest based on genetics, we expand our biological understanding of the target. This includes a combination of in vitro, cell-based and in vivo experiments. Since, in many cases, the genetic variants don’t clearly indicate that a target is up regulated or down regulated in patients, we need to understand in which direction we need to adjust the activity of the gene. Where variants result in a loss of protein or activity of a protein, we need to use recombinant protein or gene therapy to restore a functional level of protein. Where variants result in higher levels of protein or a gain in the activity, we need to use antibodies or other technologies to reduce the level of the protein.

Because Gemini has an experienced research team with expertise a broad array of therapeutic modalities, we are able to quickly explore the various therapeutic options to identify the best approach for each target.