Gemini Therapeutics is a precision medicine company focused on the development of new therapies through a deeper understanding of disease. We are sharply focused on dry AMD which is a disease comprised of numerous genetic variants. We also believe that more precisely targeted therapeutics could better address the cause of a patient’s disease.

We See Disease Differently

Instead of beginning our journey with the clinical features of a disease, we start with a commitment to understanding the genetics and biology of patients and how those factors define health. We are working to change the way patients and physicians think about disease and the way new therapeutics are developed. We are developing innovative biology and custom diagnostics while leveraging tools and techniques that have been successful in other therapeutic areas to help us understand a particular disease in subpopulations of patients.

Focused on Genetics and Biology

We are building a deep understanding of genetics and biology to identify communities of patients who are at high risk of developing disease. We believe that our research into genetically defined subpopulations will enable patients and physicians to shift their perception from a general view of disease to a precise understanding of a patient’s specific disease. This could provide patients with access to targeted and effective medicines where patients may have limited therapeutic options.

To enable this shift in perspective for millions of patients around the world who suffer from AMD and linked diseases, our goal is to apply our insights in genetics and biology and pioneer first-in-class medicines including our first therapeutics, which are directed to restore regulation of the complement system in the eye and throughout the body.

At Gemini Therapeutics, we see a future where physicians select precision therapeutics for each patient based on his or her specific DNA. We are using genetics to select our targets and our biology to define our approach and choose the appropriate modalities to create the best therapeutic candidates.