Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA

Some people call Cambridge the crossroads of biomedical research and technology. We call it home.

Crossroads of Research and Technology

When Biogen sprang from MIT and Harvard over 40 years ago, some of the brightest minds in biopharma and biotech converged in Cambridge to work together and seek medical solutions to improve people’s lives. Today, Cambridge enjoys a high-density medical technology culture where 18 of the top 20 drug companies in the U.S. have a major presence and over 100,000 people work in over 28 million square feet of lab space.

Each year new students arrive from around the world at the 102 colleges and universities within 50 miles of our offices and reinvigorate the culture of the city. Many students are part of the outstanding biology departments at these colleges and also gain experience working at the 24 hospitals and medical centers in the Boston area. 

Cambridge is also a focus for leading venture capital firms. These firms invest nearly $3B in established and emerging life science companies in our area.